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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hard Summer Music Festival

It's that time again for Destructo to work his magic at my favorite music festivals of all time: Hard Fest. (I'd prefer Hard events over any rave any day cause Destructo always get DJ's that I don't only like but LOVE) And like me and all the people that went to last year's Hard Summer Fest and witnessed what a complete fail it was because of the asshole fire marshall said there was too many heads. (I mean seriously to today, I have still never seen such a more epic setlist in my life. If that shit was to really crack last year it would of been a night to remember for the rest everyone's life that went. And if you have no idea what i'm talking about then check the setlist and watch videos on it'll give you the whole story) Speaking of last years Hard Summer, the best part of that night was I got to meet "face to face" with my niggah Busy P. I've never met an international DJ before until that night and boy what is it everything I dreamed of, Pedro was juss walking down the hall with no one chasing him when we said hi (the weird thing was that no one noticed it was Busy P walking eating a hotdog till I screamed out "BUSY P, WTF!!!") That niggah has a heavy-ass french accent. The only thing that popped in my head to say when I was looking Mr. Winter in the face was "Say vassup to Daft Punk for me" (I was mega shocked and rolling so I couldn't really think of what else to say, my friend has the picture we took with him, but some raver fool made it look all blurry. I'll get it and post it so yall niggahs believe me) But yahhh, the only artists that got to play that night were Busy P, Crystal Castles, 12th Planet, and Jack Beats (which I fucking missed because they weren't letting anymore people into the underground stage where those fools were throwing it down) Meeting Pedro Winter was the only highlight of the night, i'm praying that this year won't have the same fate (But luckily for us it's no longer being hosted at the Forum but at the Los Angeles State Historic Park). To my viewers: See you there!